Attendance Planner

Attendance Planner 1.16

Easy to use employee scheduling program

Easy to use employee scheduling program

Plan the presence and absence of your staff quickly and easily.

Keep track of all vacation and leave of your staff. Who is absent today? When does an employee have vacation? Answer these questions quickly and easily with the Attendance Planner.


Number and appearance of the buttons for the 'reasons for presence/ absence' are freely assignable.

Comments for all entries are possible.

Recurring entries by copy and paste.

Vacation overview with display of vacation entitlements, used, planned and unplanned days.

Holidays and non-business days can be determined freely.

Program is useable for all years in the future by automatically switching a year onward at the beginning of a new year.

Also available as a network version.

Very easy to use and very easy to learn. Most comparable programs are based on Excel and can only be used for one year. The Attendance Planner automatically switches one year onward at the beginning of a new year. The program is thereby usable for all subsequent years without the necessity of manual intervention.

For companies of all sizes and all branches.


Attendance Planner


Attendance Planner 1.16